2015 Magical Universe Magical Human


We are the creative, scintillating, searing, healing flame of the awesome and enchanting universe.  Brian Thomas Swimme, The Universe is a Green Dragon

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About this Calendar

“Your calendars speak to my heart.  The words express the poem of the universe, and the images become the music.” – H.A.N.

Magical Universe Magical Human Calendar combines contemporary science with inspired passion. It is the heartwork of Peter Adair, with graphic design by Julia Jandrisits (juliajandrisits.com/design). The calendar was conceived, written, designed and printed in Vermont. Twelve stunning images illustrate Adair’s evocative prose, as the story unfolds one month at a time. 12” x 12” glossy format opening to 12” x 24”.




Our hearts and minds are shaped by the evolutionary journey of the cosmos.  The stages of this creative unfolding are:

January – Dark Fertile Ground: The Womb of Creation

February – The Great Radiance: Birthing of the Universe

March – First Ancestor: Hydrogen, Star-Maker

April – Music of the Songlines: Galaxies Emerge

May – The Fabled Skyscape: Red Giants, White Dwarves, and Black Holes

June – Seeding the Heavens: Supernovas

July – Earth and Water: Stirrings of Life

August – Fire and Air: Life’s Blossoming

September – Flowering of Care: Advent of Mammals

October – Deepening of Life: Viruses and Grief

November – Open Mind, Open Heart: The Wonder of Existence

December – The Human Universe: Intimacy With All Things


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More Info

We invite you to visit our home webpage to learn a little about Peter Adair, the creator of this calendar, and his wife Caitlin. We would love to host you at our tiny organic B&B in southern Vermont.

We are very grateful to Thomas Berry, Brian Thomas Swimme, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, and many others for their inspiring and heartfelt work.

You can purchase Magical Universe Magical Human at the following retail locations:

Everyone’s Books – Brattleboro, Vermont

Brattleboro Food Co-op – Brattleboro, VT

River Valley Market – Northampton, MA

Solar Hill Yoga Center – Brattleboro, VT

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