2012 – Earth Story Calendar

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This beautiful calendar is the inspiration of Peter Adair, with graphic design by Julia Jandrisits. This calendar was entirely conceived, written, designed and printed in Vermont.  Twelve stunning images illustrate Adair’s evocative prose, as the story unfolds one month at a time. 12” x 12” glossy format opening to 12” x 24”.

What people are saying: “You have produced a beautiful calendar, pictures and sharing of the story of the earth, the beauty, the mysteries, the science.” Everyone who sees this calendar loves it. “It’s the most beautiful calendar I’ve ever seen!”

About the Story

The scientific account of Earth’s formation and development is a story of vibrant creativity and stunning transformation.  The journey begins within the fiery core of a star, and concludes (for now) with the emergence of a species able to comprehend its origin.  We have learned that the unfolding of the human is interwoven with the unfolding of the planet.  This is the theme of Earth Story Calendar.


The dramatic moments of Earth’s journey illumined in this calendar are:

January – Birth of the Planetary System: Supernova Event

February – Earth Adopts a Child: The Moon Appears

March – Earth’s Sensitivity Awakens: Cradle of Life

April – Bacteria

May – Earth Falls in Love with the Sun: A New Embrace

June – Photosynthesis

July – Earth’s Creativity Matures: Oxygen Transformation

August – Mitochondria

September – Earth Blossoms: Advent of Flowering Plants

October – Heightening of Care: Mammals Proliferate

November – Earth’s Sensitivity Deepens: Human Creativity

December – Human Maturity



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