2013 The Great Journey

This calendar is inspired and informed by the life’s work of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker, without which the ideas expressed in The Great Journey Calendar would not be possible. Heartfelt gratitude goes to these three pioneers, whose work can be explored at www.journeyoftheuniverse.org.

About this Calendar

“I opened this year’s calendar Christmas morning and a friend and I read every page out loud.  It’s so fantastic and important.  I love the words that you so carefully and lovingly selected.  The photos grace each insight.

At this time when people want to develop the conscience of the world, your calendar goes so deeply into the transformative powers of the Universe, that it is of inestimable value in promoting peace.  What a gift to the world.”

Rev. Sarah Pirtle, MEd. Director, Discovery Center for Peacebuilding


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The Great Journey Calendar combines contemporary science with heartfelt passion. It is the inspiration of Peter Adair, with graphic design by Julia Jandrisits. The calendar was entirely conceived, written, designed and printed in Vermont. Twelve stunning images illustrate Adair’s evocative prose, as the story unfolds one month at a time. 12” x 12” glossy format opening to 12” x 24”.


This beautiful calendar celebrates the story of our connection to an unfolding universe.  Each month portrays an essential stage of the astonishing grandeur and creativity of our shared history.

Through the revelations of science we learn that each human life is the magnificent individual expression of a vast cosmic journey.


The traverses of the Great Journey illumined in this calendar are:

January – Arousal of Mystery
February – The Great Radiance: Flaring Forth of the Universe
March – The Bonds of Relationship: Form Arises
April – Fields of Beneficence: Galaxies Emerge
May – The Milky Way: A Nourishment of Stars
June – Supernova Event: Birth of the Planetary System
July – Earth’s Dark Night: Cauldron of Evolution
August – Earth Awakens: Emergence of Life
September – Earth Embraces the Sun: Effervescent Life
October – Mammals Proliferate: Heightening of Care
November – Earth Reawakens: Human Emergence
December – A Universal Humanity

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